RF SAW Products

RF SAW’s RFID system of interchangeable SAW tags, readers and antennae allow flexible systems to be customized for a wide range of industrial, military and commercial applications, essentially providing a single worldwide solution for supply chain applications.

The SAW tag solution provides a small, low-cost, worldwide compliant 2.45 GHz tag and reader system. The system is unique in its ability to read on liquid and metal products. It also offers interference resistant, high-speed reading in a dependable and robust manner.

RF SAW’s product family offers commercially viable full-speed pallet reading for all product types and is compatible with global specifications for low reader output power while maintaining minimal interference to other 2.45 GHz band users such as WiFi. In addition, SAW tags are the only RFID tag with sufficient read range and signal penetration for all supply chain environments.

SAW Device Technology
SAW devices have been key components for a wide range of RF wireless systems since the 1970’s. SAW devices are used, among other things, to produce or filter radio frequency signals with high precision in very compact chip components and are key enablers in the operation of many products consumers use everyday, including cell phones, color televisions, garage door openers and keyless automobile entry systems, to name a few. Many of these SAW devices were invented by Clinton S. Hartmann, the founder and President of RF SAW, Inc.

SAW devices are also employed as automatic object identification tags that are used in a variety of applications including manufacturing and production processes. Currently, the Company produces and sells SAW automatic identification tags that are used by a major automobile manufacturer in the management and control of its production lines. These tags provide automatic identification of a specific vehicle on the production line in order to enable computerized control of the delivery and installation of various parts as well as robotic work such as the welding process.